16 November 2008

Last Post for Six Weeks...

I'm going through some transitional stuff right now, and won't be blogging much for the next six weeks. I will be adhering to the following schedule, which is designed around my new work shift:

0800: Morning PT
Wed/Thu/Sat/Sun- 40 Push-ups, 40 Sit-ups, Four-mile run
Fri/Mon- Neck strength, Pull-up training

0930: Breakfast
Protein Shake

1100: Morning Meditation
20 minutes of Relaxation Response

1500: Lunch
Protein Shake

2000: Evening PT
Wed/Fri/Sun- Modern Farang Mu Sul, Hapkido

Thu/Sat- Jeet Kune Do Unlimited, Dog Brothers Martial Arts

Monday- Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do Unlimited

2100: Dinner
Full Meal

2300: Evening Meditation
20 minutes of Relaxation Response

04 November 2008

Tuesday, 04 November 2008

0500 NO2 x 5, Alpha Male x 1
0530 Daily Seven x 15, Kettlebell Swings
0600 Meal I
Shake A
0630 CE2 x 2

1000 Meal II
Chef Boy-r-Dee Cheeseburgeroni

1330 NO2 x 5, Alpha Male x 1
1400 Meal III
Shake B
1430 CE2 x 2

1730 Relaxation Response
1800 Meal IV

I skipped my run today so that I could exercise my right to VOTE!