05 June 2009

Friday, 05 June 2009

0500: 30 Sit-Ups, Ran 3 laps in 06:23
--tomorrow's goal: 20 Push-Ups (finish 30); run 4 laps in 08:40 (jog/run to finish 8 laps)

0600: 20 oz Whey Protein; Probiotic; Multivitamin

1000: 20 oz Whey Protein

1400: handful of pecan halves

1700: 10 minute practice kettlebell cleans; 12 minutes kettlebell swings workout; 10 repetitions of all white belt hapkido techniques on each side

1800: small salad w/vinaigrette dressing; bowl of ground turkey/kidney beans/salsa; Digestive Enzymes; Multivitamin
I'm focusing on tempo runs until the end of the quarter. My goal time per lap is 02:10; every time I make my goal time, I increase my number of timed laps by one. After my timed laps, I alternate jogging and running laps without timing, until I finish two miles.
I'm already getting 30 sit-ups per day; I have to focus on getting 30 push-ups. I'm using very strict form and touching my chest to the floor with each rep, and it's actually more difficult than it sounds. I'm doing three maximum sets on each push-up day until I can do 30 consecutive in my first set.

My kettlebell training continues; although there is a study that demonstrates that kettlebell training should significantly benefit my APFT score, I haven't found that to be the case. I haven't discontinued the training, but I'm making it a distant third in priority.

My slightly higher priority, although still far below my APFT training, is hapkido. My training partner is getting deployed, and my friend in Kansas City probably is, too. I need to start being serious about getting to the Sunday night classes my friend offers here in town.

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