21 December 2008

Sunday, 21 October 2008

1100 Strength Training (12 kg kettlebell)
2H Swing x 10
1H Swing x 10/Arm
1H Clean x 5/Arm x 2 sets
Get-Up x 3/Arm
1H Military Press x 5/arm x 2 sets
Deck Squats x 10
Front Squats x 5 x 2 sets

Felt good, but kicked my heinder. Especially the ones I wouldn't expect to--the Turkish Get-Ups and Deck Squats. Also, I find that my left wrist hurts more than my right wrist from the kettlebell laying on it, especially during military presses. Anyone have any advice?

I've made a towel pad for "towel-benches" next week. As expensive as towels are anymore, I probably would've saved money just ordering the foam one. Towel Benches are part of the Bigger, Faster, Stronger program. This is the same program (well, an updated version) that I followed my senior year in high school, which allowed me to win a statewide powerlifting competition after four months of training. I'm not expecting to see such dramatic results at nearly twice the age, but I really did enjoy lifting big heavy things.

1200 Meal I
Protein Shake

1400 Relaxation Response

1700 Hapkido Training
White-belt Techniques

1800 Meal II
Campbell's Select Harvest Soup

1100 Tempo Training
Treadmill, Elevation 0.0, Speed 7.0, Distance 2 miles
Time 17:47, Calories 317

This is the best two-mile time I've run in two years. I am simultaneously elated and mortified.

1200 Meal III
Seven-Layer salad.

0200 Autogenic Training

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