19 December 2008

Friday, 19 December 2009

1300 12 kg Kettlebell
2H Swing x 10
1H Swing x 10/Arm
1H Clean x 5/Arm x 2 sets
Get-Up x 3/Arm
1H Military Press x 5/arm x 2 sets
Deck Squats x 10
Front Squats x 5 x 2 sets

1330 Meal I
Protein Shake

1600 Relaxation Response

1800 Hapkido Training
White belt techniques

1900 Meal II
Mongolian Beef

1100 Cardio Training
45 minute Treadmill, level 0, 5.0 mph
Dist:-- Calories:--

0000 Meal III
Mongolian Beef

0400 Autogenic Training

Technically, my 12-kg kettlebell marks me as a "wimp" among beginning kettlebell players. Of course, kettlebell training is not the only exercise which I do, as is recommended. Today, however, is the first time that I have really completed a kettlebell workout--and it felt GREAT.

Tomorrow I test for my concealed carry license!

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