06 January 2009

Modern Farang Mu Sul profile

From 1993 to 1996, I studied a Korean martial art called "Hwa Rang Do" under an ex-Army Ranger named "Butch" Fowlkes. I consider this one of the most formative periods of my life, and it contributed directly to my decision to join the United States Marine Corps in 1995.
Unfortunately, due to internal politics, Sa Bahm Nim Fowlkes (now grandmaster of his own martial art) left the World Hwa Rang Do Association in 1996, not long after I joined the Marine Corps. I haven't gone back to them for the same reason.

However, another former Hwa Rang Do master, Michael De Alba, has also created his own martial art--Modern Farang Mu Sul. It is very similar to Hwa Rang Do, and also includes boxing, MMA and modern firearms in its curriculum. I've already spoken to Grandmaster De Alba, and I will be joining FMS next month (basically, I'm waiting for New Year's debt to clear off before I write the membership check).

Not only will FMS blend quite well with the World Hapkido Association curriculum that I'm already studying, but FMS has its own social-networking site. My profile is listed here, and this is where I will probably keep most of my updated ranks, videos, and photos from martial arts. It also has my most comprehensive personal martial arts history.

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