09 August 2008

Thursday, 14 August 2008

0400: Relaxation Response (IAO)
0430: Meal I
2/3 cup oatmeal w/6 oz soy milk, 12 oz whey protein, 1 tbsp flax meal
AST 32X Pro Multivitamin x1, Aminoburst 1000 x2, Calcimate Complete x1

0530: Strength Training
Pull-Ups: x1, x0, x0, x0

0730: Meal II
1 Egg, 1 can V-8
Calcimate Complete x1, Complete Omega 3-6-9 x1

0800: Self-Hypnosis
Autogenic Arm Relaxation (All x5)

1030: Meal III
1 DanActive Yogurt
Amino Burst 1000 x2

1330: Meal IV
2 slices pizza
AST 32X Pro multivitamin x1, Calcimate Complete x1

1430: Endurance Training
Stationary Bike: 30 minutes @ level 1; 65 RPM; 6th hole

1600: Relaxation Response (IAO)

1630: Meal V
1 Egg, 1 V-8
Calcimate Complete x1, Amino Burst 1000 x2, Complete Omega 3-6-9 x1

1700: Thursday Night Thunder

1830: Mow Lawn

2000: Self-Hypnosis
Autogenic Arm Relaxation


bluebird said...

I am really hungry right now. There is no good food here to eat. :( I am sick of spending almost $200 a week on groceries/household items and getting hardly anything. Prob, I sound spoiled. I am just venting. I hate cereal.

I really need some chocolate! Errrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bluebird said...

This blog keeps eating my comments! >:/ Err!

Anyway. I am fusturated because I am spending WAY to much $$$ on household/groceries every week! $200! And that doesn't buy much food! There is nothing good to eat here right now. All boring things like pbj or eggs or cereal or bananas. I know that I am being spoiled. I am just venting. >:O !!!!!!!!!

I NEED some chocolate!!!!!

Are you having grocery probelms in this economy?

Gnostic Paladin said...


I thought this was supposed to post on "Alchemy." I put my answer there.