03 August 2008

Wednesday, 06 July 2008

0600 Wake; AST 32X Pro multivitamin
--Bodyweight: 208
2/3 cup oatmeal w/6 oz soy milk; 6 oz Kagome Burgundy Berry Blossom

0900 Meal II
1 hard-boiled egg, Diet Rite Cherry Cola

1230 Meal III
1 serving, DanActive Yogurt

1630-1700 Physical Training
Push-ups: Sit-Ups: Push-Ups: Sit-Ups:
Push-Ups: Sit-Ups: Push-Ups: Sit-Ups:
(75 second sets)

1530 Meal IV
2 ground turkey patties
AST 32X Pro Multivitamin

1900 Meal V
1 hard-boiled egg

I accidentally left my lemon-dill chicken sitting out last night, so I've had to find something else for dinner.


bluebird said...

Too bad about your chicken!!! :( Hub always leaves food out! >:/

Gnostic Paladin said...

Have I mentioned that you have the best emoticons around?

bluebird said...

lol. Thank you, G.P.!

:o* MUAH *o: (just learned that one!)