13 July 2008

Tuesday, 15 July 2008 (Week 3)

0500 Track Repeats
10 minute warm-up
4 x 400 @ 01:58
10 minute cool-down

0800 Bowl of cereal; soy milk; fruit juice
0930 1 hard-boiled egg
1300 Yogurt
1630 Reuben with the Works from Subway
2000 Loaded Steakhouse Burger meal from Burger King (driving makes me hungry!)

I called in sick to work today.
Tonight is Lodge; no martial arts.


bluebird said...

I don't like to visit this blog because it makes me feel like a frumpy blob who eats too much chocolate! ;) lol.

I just enjoy going for long walks for exercise, or dancing with the kiddos. I tried to do a sit up recently, but honestly, I just can't do one! :(

Gnostic Paladin said...

Well then, thank you very much for commenting!

Sit-ups are an overrated exercise, anyway; I just do them because I get tested on them in the National Guard. Playing with your children is an EXCELLENT form of exercise--and good parenting!

bluebird said...

:D !!!!!

Oh, it makes me happy to know that you say sit-ups are overrated!

It is so much more fun to turn on crazy music and dance with the kids until I drop! And of course they love it too.

I would like to be stronger though. I am a weakling! :(