12 October 2008

Daily Seven, October 2008

The USMC Daily Seven is a series of seven calisthenic exercise, each done for a prescribed number of four-count repetitions. So, for example, a "four-count push-up" begins in the up position. The count is down (one), up (two), down (three), up (four); ending in the up position to begin four-count push-up number two. The multiple after "Daily Seven" (i.e., "x10") is how many of each exercise is performed that day.

My Daily Seven regimen for Fourth Quarter 2008 is: Side-Straddle Hops ("Jumping Jacks"), Alternate Toe Touches, Deep Knee Bends, Bend-and-Thrusts, Mountain Climbers, Push-Ups, and Leg-Lifts.

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