06 October 2008

Tuesday, 07 October 2008

Bodyweight: 213.8 %fat: 30.0

0500 Strength Training
6 Pull-Ups (Partials), 30 Crunches
Kettlebell Workout (35 lbs):
Right Arm Swing x10, Left Arm Swing x10 (Repeat)
Right Arm Clean & Press x5, Left Arm Clean & Press x5 (Repeat)
05 minute stretching

0545 Relaxation Response

0600 Meal I (GNC Ultra Mega Gold multivitamin, NO2)
Protein Shake A

0930 Meal II
Protein Shake B

1300 Meal III (NO2)
Salad, V-8 Fusion

1430 Endurance Training
2 mile Tempo Run 19:26
15 minute stretching

1730 Meal IV Long John Silver's fish platter

2200 Self-Hypnosis (6 OXO)

I seriously overdid it with the kettlebells this morning. I went to sleep almost as soon as I got home; I went out for dinner, came home, and went back to bed. My run time was really slow today, also--but part of that is because I'm running in muddy gravel, on a hill.

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