01 October 2008

October 2008 Goals

Back to Basics: My goals were changing so fast for a while that I was having trouble setting them, let alone meeting them! Maybe I'll do better this time around.

Short-Term Goals (For October, 2008):
Fiscal- Pay off expenses from TDY
Physical- APFT 183 (34/38/18:00, 24% bf)
Professional- TDY to FMSO

Mid-Term Goals (For 4th Quarter, 2008):
Fiscal- Re-Establish bank balances depleted by TDY
Physical- Move on to Intermediate kettlebell training
Professional- Score 1/1 on DLI Tagalog test

Long-Term Goals (For 2008):
Fiscal- Pay off 1 credit card
Physical- APFT 199 (40 push, 40 sit, 17:00 2 mile, 20% bf)
Professional- Commission into Army Reserves

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