24 October 2008

Friday, 24 October 2008

0600 NO2 x 5, Alpha Male x 1
0630 Meal I
Shake A, multivitamin

1100 Meal II
Salad, 20 oz Pepsi

1600 Meal III

1700 APFT Training
50 Sit-Ups, Interval Run

2100 Meal IV
Taco Bell Steak Burrito Combo

I didn't time the run (but I did find my new stop watch!), but it felt good. I think I'm going to keep my APFT training in the afternoon--I just can't get psyched up for it in the early mornings. I've reduced my daily meals to four to reduce overall calories and speed weight loss--this incidentally frees up some time for me in the evenings for other things.

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bluebird said...

Yay for extra time in the evenings!