16 October 2008

Thursday, 16 October, 2008

0500 Physical Training I
Daily Seven
Kettlebell Training
Neck Training

0545 Spiritual Training I
Relaxation Response

0600 Meal I (multivitamin, NO2)
Protein Shake A

0930 Meal II
Protein Shake B

1300 Meal III (NO2)
Salad & V-8 Splash

1630 Meal IV (Multivitamin)
Protein Shake B

1900 Physical Training II
APFT Training

2000 Meal V

2100 Spiritual Training II (6-OXO)
Autogenic Training

I did much better with my morning exercises today.

1 comment:

bluebird said...

I am starting my fast from chocolate tomorrow morning. Then I can't have any chocolate until Tuesday morning... when we will be on staycation.

You never even looked at the birthday greetings I sent you on myspace. :P