08 October 2008

Wednesday, 08 October 2008

Bodyweight: 211.6

0600 Meal I (GNC Ultra Mega Gold multivitamin, NO2)
Protein Shake A

0930 Meal II
Protein Shake B

1300 Meal III (NO2)
Salad, V-8 Fusion

1630 Meal IV (GNC Ultra Mega Gold multivitamin)
Protein Shake B

1730 Endurance Training
4.2 mile Distance Run ??:??
15 minute stretching

2000 Meal V
1 box of raisins

2000 Self-Hypnosis (6 OXO)

I slept in this morning since I was still exhausted from yesterday. I'm going to slow my training down a bit--I've been trying to schedule for martial arts training at the same time, but the fact is that I need to raise my fitness level significantly to return to effective practice.
I didn't time my run tonight, since it was mostly a recovery jog--and I'll be running it again in the morning, anyway.

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